The Government of Armenia has received a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance the Sustainable Urban Development Investment Program (SUDIP) – Project 1 and Project 2. According to the Loan Agreement the Projects will be completed in 2020. The Projects are implemented by a working group within “Investing Projects Implementation Unit Building up of Yerevan” CNCO of Yerevan Municipality.
The project aims to improve urban transport in Yerevan aligned with the urban master plan of Yerevan city. This plan aims at promoting a sustainable, integrated, socially affordable and cost efficient urban transport system.

The investment program targets a range of urban connectivity and mobility improvements in Yerevan. The output will be roads constructed according to international standards which will reduce congestions in city center.

Project Component:

i. road and bridge construction and urban infrastructure improvement
ii. public transport network and infrastructure rehabilitation and extension


Arshakunyats avenue – Shirak street – Artashat highway

Arshakunyats avenue, Shirak street and Artashat highway was put into operation: The new road takes the whole traffic burden moving from the south towards the capital and backwards. The length of the mentioned road corresponding to international standards...


#Greencity action plan raises the environmental challenges of #thecommunity by assessing the state of air, water resources, soil, biodiversity and ecosystem, the negative factors affecting them and existing legislative solutions based on the...


Ancient Yerevan